The EURORDIS Photo Award is an opportunity to visually express what it means to live with a rare disease and to share your story with the rare disease community and beyond.
The contest is open to all nationalities, ages, and diseases. Every year, hundreds of people from all around the world submit their photos, each reflecting the drive of people living with a rare disease.

From all who entered, six finalists were selected by the award-winning photographer Marcus Bleasdale, before being put to a public vote. The winners were announced on the night of the EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards, on 21st February 2023. The three finalists with the most votes each received a Prize.


1) Raising Rare

Disease: Mucolipidosis Type 2
Country: USA
Photographer: Lindsay Norman
Year: 2022

Caption: Blakely was born at 26 weeks. Two weeks later she was given a terminal diagnosis of Mucolipidosis type 2. She is 2 years old in this picture, but the size of a 6/7 month old. Her disease causes failure to grow amongst other things.

2) We count the years in children recovered

Disease: Pediatric Leukemia
Country: Italy
Photographer: Samantha Grieco
Year: 2019

Caption: The Maria Letizia Verga ODV Committee association of Monza counts, in 43 years of existence, have seen over 2000 children healed. And their goal is to keep working to heal one more child from leukaemia and lymphoma every day. Today over 85% of sick children and adolescents recover, but that’s not enough, we have to get to 100%. All children and adolescents who fall ill with leukaemia and lymphoma must be able to grow up and must make their dreams come true, such as becoming a pilot.

3) Rare Beauty

Disease: KBG Syndrome
Country: USA
Photographer: Brianna Dose
Year: 2019

Caption: Natalie radiates beauty, strength and resilience in the face of her many complex medical conditions. She is our rare beauty, inside and out.


Marcus Bleasdale

Marcus Bleasdale is a talented documentary photographer and photojournalist who has been dedicated to advocacy and human rights for over fifteen years. His work on human rights and conflict during his role as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine has helped to educate and advise corporations and policy makers around the world. Marcus has also partnered with various international advocacy groups, including the Human Rights Watch.

In 2002, his first book “One Hundred Years of Darkness” was published, soon followed by “The Rape of a Nation” (2009) and “The Unravelling” (2015). Appearing in the New Yorker, The New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine and TIME Magazine to name a few, he has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the UNICEF Photographer of the Year Award (2004), the Anthropographia Award for Photography and Human Rights (2010) and the Amnesty International Award (2015).



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