EURORDIS Awards & Black Pearl Dinner 2016

HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium

EURORDIS is honored to announce the presence of HRH Princess Astrid, Princess of Belgium at the EURORDIS Awards & Black Pearl Evening for the 2nd consecutive year.

Princess Astrid, Princess of Belgium, was born in Brussels on 5 June 1962. She is the second child of King Albert II and of Queen Paola. After her secondary education in Brussels, Princess Astrid studied art history for a year at Leiden in the Netherlands. She completed her education in Geneva, at the Institute of European Studies and in Michigan in the United States.

Princess Astrid was Chairwoman of the Belgian Red Cross between 1994-2007. As Honorary Chairwoman of the Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation and the European Organisation on Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Princess Astrid supports clinical and fundamental research. She regularly visits research projects and patients in Medical Institutes and Clinics.

Princess Astrid is known to be highly concerned about persons who – through a variety of circumstances – become marginalized citizens. She visits and encourages in many ways those Organisations which offer assistance to those who are in need of help.