Mrs Dragica Nikolić 

“However humane as individuals and a society we may be is primarily reflected in our restless and dedicated efforts to defend every person’s right to life and health, in the same way EURORDIS does it. Therefore, no battle for cure is to be given up on, however rare the disease might be.
The struggle for every individual’s health does not differentiate between rare and common diseases. It solely acknowledges our desire and concerted efforts for life to prevail. It is for this reason that we will always be your true allies.”

Mrs Dragica Nikolić
First Lady of the Republic of Serbia


Annette Widmann-Mauz

“Research is the key to better healthcare. It delivers answers and facilitates long-term improvements in the health status of persons with rare diseases”

Annette Widmann-Mauz
Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health, Germany



“Rare diseases are not really rare: their number is huge and is expected to grow. Italy is committed both in financing research and genetic studies and in supporting patients and their families”

H.E. Vincenzo Grassi
Ambassador of Italy in Belgium


bruno sepodes

“The EURORDIS Awards and Black Pearl Evening are part of a unique joint effort to bring together all stakeholders in the fight for better treatment options in rare diseases. In this event there’s the opportunity to celebrate achievements and honor the greatness of those who brought us to where we are now, making hope part of our future.”

Bruno Sepodes PharmaD, MSc, PhD
Chair COMP, University of Lisbon, Portugal



Arlette Conzemius

“C’est un honneur de pouvoir apporter mon soutien au dîner de gala d’EURORDIS pour attirer encore davantage l’attention sur les maladies rares au profit des personnes qui en sont atteintes”

H.E. Arlette Conzemius
Ambassador of Luxembourg in Belgium



Mark Krueger

“Every year the Black Pearl event raises awareness and celebrates the achievements of those working hard to serve people living with rare disorders. Eurordis leads the field, making this year’s celebration of EURORDIS’ two decades of achievement especially worthwhile.”

Mark Krueger, MPH
President, Mark Krueger & Associates Inc.